Friends of ANC / RBMN Classes

The Friends of the Acton Nature Center (along with HCDD1) is the financial engine that keeps this project in motion.

It is also a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!!

Listed below is the Board of Directors for FoANC

  • Joe Langdon, President
  • Billy Teels, Vice President
  • Dave Moore, Sec/ Treasurer

The backbone of this project is the dedicated Rio Brazos Master Naturalists and Community Volunteers ,without which this park would not exist. Thank you to all these that contribute to Acton treasure!

  • Karen & Joe Langdon
  • Robert Theimer
  • Kenneth Coy
  • Bill Diehnelt
  • Michael Balderas
  • Billy Teels
  • Wendy & David Moore
  • Andrea Roiz
  • Chris & Dayna Inbody
  • Robbin Brodsky
  • Melody Holm
  • Valerie Taber
  • Mark Bishop
  • There are many more unnamed Volunteers that have made this dream a reality!
  • Rio Brazos Master Naturalist Classes…

  • MN-Rio Brazos Chapter 2020 Training Classes
  • Date, Class Time, Location, Instructor
  • Email questions to –
  • Class Application @ –
  • Nov. 14, 2019– Meet and Greet for prospective trainees 6:00 PM, Acton LibraryJan. 14, 2020– Intro to TMN program 6:00 PM, Acton Library, Richter

    History of TMN 7:30 PM, Acton Library, Richter

    Jan. 18, 2020– Texas Law 9:00 AM, Acton Library, Miller

    Time reporting and VMS 10:00 AM, Acton Library, Hinds

    Stewardship 1:00 PM, Acton Library, Timmons

    Stream ecology and management 2:00 PM, Acton Library, Linex

    Jan. 25, 2020– Ornithology 9:00 AM, Acton Library, Moore

    Ichthyology 11:00 AM, Acton Library, Teels

    Ecology concepts 1:00 PM, Acton Library, Teels

    Feb. 8, 2020- Archeology 9:00 AM, Acton Library, Mossbarger

    Astronomy 10:30 AM, Acton Library & Acton Nature Center, Slaughter

    Herpetology, Texas horned lizard, restorarion 1:00 PM, Acton Library, Rains

    Mammalogy 2:00 PM, Acton Library, Rains

    Urban systems 3:00 PM, Acton Library, Rains

    Feb. 22, 2020- Geology 9:00 AM, Acton Library, Holm

    Soils 10:30 AM, Acton Library, Holm

    Paleontology 11:30 AM, Acton Library, Holm

    Herpetology field trip 1:00 PM, Acton Nature Center, Del Pino

    Mar. 14, 2020- Taxonomy, nature of naming 10:00 AM, Acton Library, Hinds

    Botany (plants) 10:30 AM, Acton Library, Hinds

    Grasses 12:30 PM, Acton Library, Bogusch

    Intro to invasive plants of Texas 2:00 PM Acton Library Hinds

    Mar. 21, 2020- Entomology and native bees 9:00 AM, Acton Library, Taber

    Citizen science and pollinator trunks 11:00 AM, Acton Library, Taber

    Ecological regions of Texas 1:00 PM, Acton Library, Teels

    Mar. 28, 2020- Cleburne State Park volunteers as interpreters and interpretative nature hike 9:00 AM, Cleburne State                                 Park, Crocker

    Weather, climate 1:00 PM, TBD, Chandler

    Apr. 4, 2020- Ethnobotany 9:00 AM, Comanche Peak, Kreiner

    Forest ecology TBD, Comanche Peak, McGregor

    May 9, 2020- Fossil Rim field trip 9:00 AM, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, James

    Volunteer opportunities TBD, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, James

    Sustainable environmental biology 1:00 PM, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Pyle

    Jun. 20, 2020- Aquatic systems 9:00 AM, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Teels

    Indicator species TBD, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Teels

    Wetland ecology TBD, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Teels

    Field work in the stream 1:00 PM, Paluxy River, Teels

    Intro to Dinosaur Valley SP and DVSP volunteer opportunities 3:00 PM, Dinosaur Valley State Park Friend                                            of DVSP opportunities

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